Our Mission
…. to Inspire, Motivate and Enrich every Student in the Art of Dance and Life  ….

Carolina Dance Capital is dedicated in providing high quality instruction in all facets of dance.  We are committed to providing a progressive well rounded curriculum of instruction in a positive friendly environment.  We cater to students age two through adult, beginner to pre-professional level.  Students may study a variety of dance styles from our highly diversified, professional teaching staff.  Instructors assess students strengths and areas for growth and apply teaching skills in such a way to maximize students enjoyment and help them reach their ultimate potential.  We are here to motivate young minds, develop happy and healthy dancers in an "I Love to Dance" atmosphere.

Carolina Dance Capital believes that introducing and enriching your child in dance is a wonderful gift that will last forever!  Dance teaches poise, promotes good posture, body alignment, musical awareness, and develops rhythm and coordination.  Dance increases strength, flexibility and exercises cognitive abilities.  Involvement in the many forms of dance allows the student to explore movement, music, and creative expression as they learn to dance in a structured environment.  Dance is an athletic art form that strengthens the student mentally, physically and artistically.  Our dancers of all ages and levels share one common factor, they love dancing at CAROLINA DANCE CAPITAL.

From an educational standpoint, involvement in the arts through class work and stage performance provides each dancer with a positive and personal growth experience.  It promotes self-esteem, confidence and lifetime achievements, which benefit students in all areas of education and leadership.  For the young dance student to the aspiring dancer, performance plays a significant role in their development as a dancer and entertainer.  From a student's view, performing is an opportunity to display the dance skills they have worked hard for all year.  It is their moment to shine as stars on the stage and excel.  Performance provides each student with a personal achievement and grand memory, which will last a lifetime.

Fritz , Annette & Nina Schulte 


" Inspire, Motivate & Enrich "